CORDEIRO E CAMPOS SA, in line with the context it operates in and its business strategy, has drawn up a Quality and Sustainability Policy based on the following tenets:

Focus on Clients
  • We provide a level of excellence in the quality of our products and services to guarantee our clients’ needs and expectations are satisfied;
  • We strive to constantly improve and differentiate our products and services, adding new solutions by innovating in our processes and products;
  • We build mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners throughout the value chain in search of better and new solutions that benefit our clients and the markets where they operate.


Focus on Sustainability
  • We are dedicated to the sustainable development of our company, in its environmental, economic and social aspects;
  • We prevent pollution of the environment, contributing to greater environmental sustainability, using resources in a rational way, reducing the use of water, energy, chemical substances, waste production and atmospheric emissions, thus minimising the environmental impacts;
  • We constantly improve and optimise our operating processes, implementing new technologies to bring about greater efficiency and an improved performance;
  • We establish and foster partnerships with interested parties that boost sustainable development;
  • We comply with all the rules and regulations affecting our business; including all aspects linked to the environment, quality, social responsibility and health and safety at work.


Focus on Personnel
  • We put a lot of emphasis on the values of our organisational culture, encouraging communication, knowledge, employee-involvement, as well as the commitment of the entire workforce to the company’s goals;
  • We comply with the principles of the International Labour Organisation, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the principles of the United Nations.


Focus on the Interested Parties
  • We foster continuous improvement of the Management System, striving for the integrated satisfaction of all the different interested parties, providing mutual and sustainable benefits.


The company’s policies are effectively communicated to all staff members through both posting and dissemination on the Management Platform.

Barcelos, 2023-03-27
Gilberto Santos